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How to access Northern Territory HealthPathways

If you are a health professional in Northern Territory and would like to have access to the Northern Territory HealthPathways website, please contact the Northern Territory HealthPathways team, who will provide you with a username and password. The team can be contacted via email (healthpathways@ntphn.org.au) or telephone (08) 8982 1000.

What is HealthPathways?

HealthPathways is a web-based information portal supporting primary care clinicians to plan patient care through primary, community and secondary health care systems within Northern Territory. It is like a 'care map', so that all members of a health care team – whether they work in a hospital or the community – can be on the same page when it comes to looking after a particular person.

For Non-GP Users

Northern Territory HealthPathways is a guide to be used clinically by general practitioners. Other members of the primary care team are given access in recognition of the benefit to patient care given by all team members being able to view relevant clinical pathways. Health professionals who are not general practitioners should not use this as a guide to clinical practice, as it may be outside their scope.

Register your service in the HealthPathways Directory for referral requests

We invite Northern Territory practitioners and services to register your information for practitioners to streamline referral requests to you or your service.

Your data will be stored in the HealthPathways Directory and key information will feature on the HealthPathways website.

Please complete the form that is applicable to you and your service.

You can complete each form multiple times to register multiple services and practitioners in the HealthPathways Directory.


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